Too Much Homework!

English, science, Spanish, math, Texas History, all in one night? You’ve got to be kidding me! We all know how frustrating too much homework can be.
When you get home from a long day of school, you want to relax, sit down, take a nap. But no, you have to whip out the textbook and copy down 10 pages of reading notes. Some people never find time to rest, and wind up awake at 11:00 working on their algebra. I don’t think being up in the wee hours of the morning on a school day is very good for you.
Also, some people are busy, and have trouble finding time for homework. I’m in track, and have practices on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and meets on Thursdays. We only stay about an hour after school, but every minute counts when you have a backpack full of homework waiting to be done.
I understand that homework is important, and I’m not saying that teachers should stop giving it out altogether (Well…), I’m just saying that we should be given less. Well, bye! I’ve gotta go do my homework.

A Permanent Scar

This is the story of how I got a permanent scar on my left knee- and why I will NEVER forgive the Domino’s Pizza delivery guy.
It was a normal Tuesday night- my mom and dad both had to stay at work late, so my sister and I were staying at my grandfather’s house. It was getting to be dinner time, so my grandfather ordered a pizza from Domino’s. When the doorbell rang, my sister had to hold my grandfather’s dog, Tigger, away from the door. Tigger is like a little dog Houdini, escaping the house all the time. Luckily, by now, he always comes back, but this happened 5 years ago, and Tigger was always in search of an adventure.
My grandfather cracked the door open so that he could pay for the pizza, but also prevent Tigger from getting out. I glanced over to my sister who seemed to be having trouble holding on to him, and jumped up to help. When I was two steps away, Tigger shot out of my sister’s hands and bolted for the door. Hearing the unmistakeable sound of claws scrabbling on wood, my grandfather asked the pizza delivery guy to close the door a bit more. He instead, opened it wider, and out went the dog. My sister and I leapt up and sprinted after him. My feet were pounding on the concrete as I tried to keep Tigger in my sights, not paying attention to my surroundings (big mistake). My foot caught on one of the many sharp rocks jutting out of the concrete, and I grimaced in pain as I skidded two feet on my left knee.
“Ow…” I looked down, surprised to see only a cut, and climbed back up to my feet. I continued to run, eventually catching up to my sister who was scooping up Tigger before he escaped into someone’s yard.
“I got him!” She said cheerfully, turning around to face me.
“Great!” I grinned, happy the chase was over.
Her joyful expression quickly melted into horror as my “cut” caught her eye. Confused, I looked down to see blood pouring down from my knee into my sock. I stared, gaping at the wound, not believing it was on my body. My grandfathers car pulled up next to us.
“You got him? Great! That sneaky little dog is always trying to get out.” He obviously didn’t notice the blood flowing down my leg.
“I… I umm… fell…” I stuttered, not sure of how he would react.
Nothing much was done about my knee that night. I wiped up the blood, cleaned the wound, and put on some Neosporin and a large bandage. When my parents picked me up, they were curious about what happened to my leg. I told them I fell, and because I was eager to go home, told them I would show them once we got to the house when they asked to see it.
I slowly peeled back the bandage when I was back in my own bathroom, and my parents were not happy to see the cut. I was surprised when my mother started talking about going to the ER to get it stitched up, but my dad said it would heal on it’s own. I thought it was just a cut that happened to bleed a lot, not something to get stitches for! Now I wish I had gotten those stitches. Maybe I wouldn’t have an ugly scar on my knee.
Because we never went to the doctor, we never knew how deep it was, but we knew it was pretty deep. Instill wonder what would of happened if that pizza delivery guy had followed SIMPLE DIRECTIONS and closed the door. He will not EVER be forgiven.