7th Grade

When I first arrived at my school in August, I was prepared for another super easy year. I was used to the laid back attitude of 6th grade, and expected nothing more from 7th. However, I soon realized that my picture of a perfect school year was inaccurate. One word, my friends, one word that sent my social life to the bottom of the pond. Homework. Everyday, I would come home with at least two hours worth of homework. English, science, Spanish, math, Texas History. I even had to practice for band. All of my time was spent on homework, and by the time mid-winter came my life was miserable. While my family was worried about what to get each other for Christmas, I was worried about getting my narrative essay, review packet, Spanish translations, thirty algebra problems and DBQ essay done by the end of the week. Eventually, I woke up on Monday mornings dreading school, wishing that I could just stay home until summer. But by Febuary, I learned that I had to just suck it up and deal with it, and that I had to work hard to get were I want to be. If I had any advice to give to incoming seventh graders, I would tell them to expect the worst, but be prepared for it and push through. It will really pay off in the end.

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