Austin, Texas

As you might of read on my About Me page, I live in Austin, Texas. Before I start telling you what living in here is like, you should know that Texas is NOT what you read about in books and see in movies. We don’t ride horses, we don’t wear cowboy hats and most of us don’t talk with a western accent.
About 842,600 people live in Austin. It’s not the largest city, especially compared to cities like Dallas and San Antonio, but we are one of the more artistic cities. If you go downtown, you’ll find detailed paintings on the outside walls of every shop. It’s really entertaining to just walk around and look at all of the artwork. There are many small shops in Austin, and they give the city a cozy feeling.
Austin is a small town, but we host big events, like ACL and South by Southwest. I’ve never been to either of them before, but many of my friends have, and apparently, they are always super crowded! People from all over the country come here to see their favorite singers.
Overall, Austin is a great city, and I’m extremely happy I live here. ACL, South by Southwest, and one of the best outlet malls are only a short drive away. If you are going on vacation anytime soon, I strongly suggest going on a trip to Austin