Snow Day

“Beep! Beep! Beep!”
I groaned and grabbed blindly for my phone. I somehow managed to wrap my fingers around it even in my half-asleep state, and stared at the blindingly bright screen.
“I hate you so much.” I murmured to my phone (for some reason I talk to inanimate objects when I’m tired). I was stretching and thinking about what an awful morning it would be, when the phone rang downstairs.
I checked my phone. It was 6:05! Who would be calling so early? Curious, I crept downstairs and was greeted by the happy clicking of claws against tile. My dogs came dashing around the corner and scampered across the kitchen. I knelt down and laughed when the put their front paws on my knees and stretched to lick my face. After being licked half to death, I stood up and tiptoed to my parents bedroom in case one of them was still sleeping. My mom was hanging up the phone, and my dad was sitting in bed, playing with the puppies, who had followed me in.
“Who called?” I asked hopefully.
“The school,” my mom answered. “You can go back to bed, school is cancelled.”
My initial thought was that she was joking. The last time we had a snow day was, what, three years ago? But when I said ok, and turned around to tell my sister, she didn’t stop me. I smiled to myself as I climbed the stairs walked down the hall to my sisters room. I knocked on the door, and didn’t even open it before telling her school was cancelled and jumping into my warm, soft bed.
The rest of the day was a typical weekend day, with the addition of going outside and admiring the white, icy, untouched snow. Or frost. It was close enough. After taking a few pictures, I went back inside and immersed myself in Psych, The Walking Dead, and The Lord of The Rings movies. So yeah, I had a pretty awesome day off.