Lots of people talk about how reading makes them feel like they are in a whole different world… me? Not as much. When I read, I’m just looking at sheets of paper with black words on them, and instead of “savoring every page”, I’ll get bored and skip a bunch of paragraphs. It’s not special. It’s not magical. It’s just reading, and to me, it gets boring. Though I’m not a huge fan of reading, sometimes, I find a book that I really enjoy. There were a few books that I read for hours on end, but only because there was always suspense. I like fast paced, exciting books, something that keeps you on the edge of your seat, dying to know what happens next. Books with 5 page long conversations just make me want to skip it all, and I always end up missing something important. Now, I’m not saying reading is awful and boring, and you shouldn’t do it. That’s just my opinion. Some of you might read all the time, and love it. So read on! Don’t let my opinions hold you back!

...putting things in a row isn't bad either...
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